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The ACCESS Mission: To provide SDN solutions for the next generation cloud environment

The cloud computing trend is accelerating more than ever. The cloud, which enables the efficient use of resources, reduces cost, eases operational burdens and realizes Green IT by way of virtualization technology to minimize the physical restrictions, standardization and automation, is looked to with great expectation.
Nonetheless, server virtualization is underway and in line with greater application to data centers processing large capacity system resources, a new challenge is emerging. That is “network virtualization.” Network virtualization is an unavoidable theme to complete cloud computing solutions as a more effective means.

Solution Overview 

The ACCESS SDN Solution provided by Access and IP Infusion solves network related issues current cloud computing is facing and realizes the next generation cloud platform by virtualizing networks and network services. This solution consists of two elements: Network Virtualization and Network Service Virtualization.The solution virtualizes networks that utilize such technologies as L2 over L3 Tunneling or OpenFlow and provides network services customized per client requirements using virtualized appliance functions such as a virtual router, virtual firewall, virtual load balancer, etc. In addition, with the integrated control of these technical elements from the center console, a simpler network controlling system has been built. This generates various introducing advantages such as reduction of CAPEX by the effective use of existing facilities, reduction of OPEX by automating operations, and an increase in sales opportunities by offering quick service.

SDN Platform Products applicable to a wide range of areas

ACCESS/IP Infusion is offering the “Stratosphere SDN Platform” as a platform product embodying ACCESS SDN Solutions. The name “Stratosphere” means an innovative solution that exceeds the currently prevailing cloud technology. We will introduce a wide range of Stratosphere SDN Platform (SSP) applications below.

Application to Access Networks

By using the Stratosphere SDN Platform, private networks for companies, homes and mobile devices can be connected to the cloud via the secure SDN tunnel. This enables users to access computing resources on the cloud from various locations.


Interconnection with existing L2 network

An existing VLAN network can be connected to SDN via the Stratosphere SDN Platform (SSP) Domain Gateway. Users are able to shift gradually to complete SDN while retaining interconnectability with an existing VLAN network.

Techology Overview

Accommodating maximum tenants with minimum infrastructure investment

Main Objectives of Network Virtualization

  • Accommodating maximum users (tenants) with minimum infrastructure investment
  • Removing the physical limitations of the resource layout
  • Removing vendor lock-in in the network building process
  • Instantly providing on-demand a network suitable for each user attribute
  • Providing a network with the next generation environment centered on virtual machines and high affinity

High Level Architecture for Network Virtualization

In Network Virtualization, maximum users (tenants) can be accommodated with minimum infrastructure investment by virtualizing a network that had been physically limited before. Physical networks are logically segmented by each tenant using L2 over L3 tunneling protocol like GREtap/VXLAN/NVGRE/STT.


Innovation: New End to Cloud Network

By taking full advantage of “Stratosphere SDN Platform” products embodying ACCESS SDN Solutions, an End to End network where users need to access to individual services will be transformed to a brand new End to Cloud network, which enables users to enjoy different services by simply accessing to the Next Cloud.