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The World’s Browsing Standard

NetFront Browser is the most advanced, versatile and powerful full Internet browser for beyond-PC devices. Specifically designed and optimized to deliver high performance in resource-constrained environments, NetFront Browser supports almost any OS and CPU, and offers low power consumption, easy customization, and a broad range of plug-ins.

These reasons and more are why NetFront Browser is the most widely available mobile Internet browser in the world today. In fact, NetFront products, including NetFront Browser as an embedded Internet browser, have shipped in over one billion devices (as of the end of January 2011) around the world, including mobile phones, digital TVs, set-top boxes, mobile handhelds, game consoles, automobile navigation systems and many other types of products

The Advantage | NetFront Browser v4.2

High Speed JavaScript Engine

NetFront Browser v4.2 boasts JavaScript execution performance that is twenty times* faster than the JavaScript execution performance seen in NetFront Browser v3.5. NetFront Browser v4.2 delivers a significantly better browsing experience overall but especially for websites that make heavy use of complex JavaScript.

Customers who have already ported NetFront Browser v3.5 can migrate to NetFront Browser v4.2 with minimal effort because the APIs and porting layers for both browser versions are compatible.

Web Application Platform

Advances in Web technologies and broadband networks have led to the development of Web services applications that are complex and highly functional. Browsers that serve as platforms for running these applications must provide an operating environment with enhanced speed, ease-of-use and security. Boasting the fastest JavaScript rendering/processing speed in the industry, quick response for intuitive UI/UX operation, robust security, stable operation with minimal working memory capacity requirements, excellent Web page reproducibility and smooth integration with host devices, NetFront Browser serves as an optimal Web application platform.

Revolutionary UI/UX in Link with the Host Device

NetFront Browser’s JavaScript-based interface enables smooth integration with the devices on which it is deployed. NetFront Browser also seamlessly supports web applications and pages that feature intuitive UI/UX environments built using industry standard technologies like HTML, CSS and Ajax.

Versatile Architecture and Excellent Portability

NetFront Browser is capable of operating with any OS or CPU, and can be readily incorporated into any Internet-enabled device.

NetFront Browser’s modular architecture enables the selection and implementation of only those modules that are necessary for any particular device. When saving memory is a high priority, modules containing unnecessary function code can be deleted in order to reduce the program size and memory consumption. It is also possible to support new markup languages along with original specifications, an option not available with open source browsers.

Improvements in Speed

Fast Content Display Speeds

The time required between the selection of “Select URL” and the initial display of content (First Draw) has been reduced enabling faster content display.

Fast Zoom-In/Zoom-Out

Zooming speeds have been substantially improved, which makes viewing Web pages easier.

Fast Rendering Mode Changes

The time required to change between rendering modes has been significantly reduced enhancing overall browsing performance.

Rendering and Navigation Modes

Column Rendering

In the conventional desktop mode, if the text exceeds the screen width when viewing content, repeated horizontal scrolling is required, which makes browsing cumbersome. Column Rendering automatically wraps text relative to the device screen width allowing end-users to view all text simply by scrolling vertically.

Stick Navi

Stick Navi function moves text to an easily viewable location when it approaches a column, so that text fits on the device screen. Stick Navi significantly facilitates navigation between columns.

User Experience Evolutions

Libraries and UI options offered from NetFront Browser facilitate the integration of the NetFront Browser engine with any kind of application that needs advanced Web rendering capabilities. NetFront Browser application highlights include support for Visual Bookmarks, a stunning graphical tool that allows end-users to manage their favorite Web pages and PagePilot a pan & zoom navigation tool that enables a desktop-like presentation of Web pages on mobile devices with limited screen sizes.

Swift Navi
Swift Navigation
Swift Navi significantly smoothes the scrolling of Web pages on mobile devices.
Swift Navi., Column Rendering, Stick Navi.

View at 720×480 screen resolution
Animated Zoom
Swift Navigation
Animated Zoom quickly and smoothly magnifies selected areas of a Web page.
Animated Zoom

View at 720×480 screen resolution

PagePilot enables smooth pan & zoom navigation. PagePilot is activated by continuously pressing the scroll key.
Visual Bookmarks

Visual Bookmarks enables quick navigation and selection of bookmarks by providing thumbnail previews, page titles, and URLs for bookmarked sites.


Key Benefits | NetFront Browser

For Service Providers

NetFront Browser provides an extensive and fully customizable data services platform and consistent end-user experience across multiple device types.

For Device Manufacturers

NetFront Browser provides a modularized architecture, easy integration, extensibility, compact footprint, and a reliable and proven solution on all major platforms and operating systems.

For Contents Providers

NetFront Browser provides content providers with a rich content rendering platform for embedded devices.

For End-Users

NetFront Browser offers the fastest, richest and most intuitive, “Full-Internet” browsing experience and services on mobile devices.

NetFront Browser for Mobile Phones

NetFront Browser is the most popular mobile browser in the world. It provides a flexible expansion of functions to support proprietary services offered by carriers. In devices where the CPU speed and memory capacity are limited, it provides an advanced browsing engine that is sufficient to view the latest PC content. It also provides original functions for high-speed browsing within the small screen and limited input key environment found on mobile phones.

NetFront Browser for IAs (Internet Appliances)

NetFront Browser is widely used in Internet appliances including digital TVs, game consoles, set-top boxes, and automobile navigation systems. Using the separately provided SDK*, developers can easily develop a user interface for the remote control of digital TVs or other Internet appliances. In combination with ACCESS’ DirectConnect, a technology that provides direct control of devices, NetFront Browser can be deployed as a platform to control and interact with Internet appliances.

* Software Development Kit

Specifications | NetFront Browser v4.2

[New in NetFront Browser v4.2]

  • Enhanced HTML5 support (Video/Audio, Geolocation, WebStorage)
  • ECMAScript 5th Edition (Partial support)

[Supported Standards]
Compliant with the OMA Browsing 2.3 specification

cHTML, HTML 5 (Partial), HTML 4.01, XHTML1.1, XHTML Mobile Profile 1.2, WML 1.3, SMIL 2.1, RSS feed (RSS 0.9/0.91/0.92/1.0/2.0, Atom 0.3/1.0)

CSS1, CSS2.1, CSS3 (Partial), CSS MP1

[Advanced Scripting]

  • ECMAScript 262 3rd Edition
  • ECMAScript Mobile Profile
  • WMLScript
  • DOM Level 1, Level 2
  • Dynamic HTML
  • Ajax (XMLHttpRequest)


  • HTTP 1.0/1.1
  • WAP
  • IPv4/IPv6 Dual TCP/IP


  • TLS1.2
  • NSS
  • Configurable digital certificates
  • Extended Validation
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography

[Memory Requirements]

  • ROM: 2MB-4MB (Kernel +SLIM)
  • RAM: 2MB- (Depending on complexity of content viewed)

[Main Features]

  • High Speed JavaScript Engine
  • Tabbed Multi-Window support
  • Column Rendering
  • Stick Navi
  • Swift Navi
  • PagePilot (Smooth pan and zoom navigation)
  • Visual Bookmarks
  • Virtual Pointer (Pointing device emulation)
  • Smart-Fit Rendering
  • Rapid-Render
  • Intelligent Frame Handling (Select and zoom individual frames)
  • Continuously adjustable Zooming/Animated Zoom
  • Offline Browsing and Page/Image Saving
  • Word Wrap, Line boundary character check
  • Streaming Download
  • DirectConnect (Secure monitoring and control of devices from the browser)
  • Intelligent Pop-Up Blocker
  • Integrated Internet Search Menu
  • Auto Form-Filling
  • Authentication Manager
  • International Domain Name

[Supported Operating Systems]

  • Linux® (ACCESS Linux Platform, Android, Qt/Embedded, Qtopia, GTK+, and others)
  • Symbian OS (Series 60 and UIQ)
  • Garnet OS
  • Microsoft® Windows® CE family, Microsoft® Windows Mobile® (Pocket PC, Smartphone)
  • VxWorks
  • Nucleus
  • Others (OS-9, OSE etc.)

[Supported CPUs]

  • ARM®
  • XScale
  • StrongARM®
  • PowerPC
  • MIPS
  • SH-Mobile and others

[Plug-In and Extension Modules]

NetFront SMIL Player & SVG Viewer
SMIL and SVG modules can be implemented as plug-ins or as stand-alone players for advanced 3G push services with rich multimedia content.

NetFront Document Viewer
NetFront Document Viewer enables full viewing of PDF files and Microsoft Office documents including Word, Excel®, and PowerPoint® on mobile handsets.

Flash®, Flash® Lite
NetFront Browser provides a ready-to-use interface to integrate Adobe® Flash® Player supporting Flash content embedded within a Web page.

MascotCapsule (HI)
MascotCapsule is a 3D rendering engine that supports the display of visually rich 3D games or other 3D content on mobile devices.