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Secure Data and Content Distribution for Connected Cars

“Connected Car” is a megatrend in Automotive and it enables solutions to connect cars with cars and cars with online services for better maintenance, navigation and control. ACCESS Twine is addressing connected infotainment to enable usage of personal devices and data collection. With consumer use cases in mind it enables content everywhere but adds additional functionality for car makers to control and monetize content and data.

ACCESS Twine client-server solution enables automotive OEMs to provide new services to their customers and it allows to extend in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system and adds data collection capabilities without relying on proprietary solutions such as Apple CarPlay or Google Auto. By using open standards the solution works with any device and also allows easy connection to 3rd party tools. With ACCESS Twine the car manufacturer maintains full control.

Major features and use cases

Personal and Premium Content Everywhere for Passengers

ACCESS Twine media streaming is based on open UPnP/DLNA Standards. It provides an alternative to proprietary Apple or Android solutions to the automotive OEM. The solution enables sharing of personal and premium content between any devices in the car.

Key benefits:

  • Software SDK for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mac and PC, QNX and Linux
  • Audio, Video, Picture, Document and Car Information sharing between personal devices and the car infotainment system
  • Works  on Car WiFi and does not rely on USB or Bluetooth connection
  • Extendable with DRM to enable premium content playback
  • Cloud backend control for all features ofmedia distribution and device access
  • Advanced features enable remote access from the home to car or vice versa and integration with IoT devices

Connected Car Data and Control for Automotive OEMs

ACCESS Twine has been developed from ground up to provide a robust and scalable communication channel between the car and a cloud backend. It’s designed to use Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and can be also deployed on premise or public cloud.

Key benefits:

  • Secure authentication of the vehicle using unique certificates and device identification
  • Flexible and secure protocol between a vehicle and the backend
  • In-Vehicle SDK provides integration API with car and enables logging of any “event”
  • Backend solution easily scales to millions of events
  • Backend solution provides interfaces for management of services and cars as well as an API for data extraction to satisfy analysis or reporting needs

[pdf]ACCESS Twine for Automotive product brief (PDF: 545 KB)

ACCESS Twine for Automotive overview graphic