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Forging Ahead in Digital Broadcast Browsing Solutions

ACCESS positions digital television as an important platform in the ubiquitous world of audiovisual communications. It is the major provider of innovative and essential products-including terrestrial digital, BS, and Japanese CS broadcasting to the digital broadcasting markets. Among these products, the BML-compatible NetFront Browser DTV Profile for digital television has the proud record of being embedded in a whole range of mobile terminals and has virtually become an industry standard.

In addition, the ACCESS product range includes the NetFront Browser DTV Profile One-seg Edition for ISDB-T one-segment mobile broadcasting (one-segment) and the NetFront Browser SDK, an HTML porting/customization kit for the digital TV and IP set-top box field, which has been attracting much attention in recent years. NetFront™ Browser DTV Profile DVB-H Edition combines ACCESS’ NetFront™ Browser DTV Profile with the FastESG™ service guide from EXPWAY. The combined solution, which is compliant with DVB-IPDC and OMA-BCAST standards, enables mobile TV solutions on embedded devices.

Furthermore, ACCESS supplies not only browsers for displaying contents; it also provides the all important viewers that enable preview of contents on a PC and these are absolutely essential for compiling contents. As a result, ACCESS has realized total support, from the compilation of contents to layout checking and the actual display of the contents on a device.

Mobile terminals and broadcast infrastructure are still evolving, and they are starting to merge. When they do fully integrate, the television environment will be omnipresent and people will be able to watch TV wherever and whenever they want to. Television and Internet functions will then integrate, and TV will evolve as a complex platform that enables anyone to easily access a whole spectrum of information and services. In preparation for the full-fledged start of digital broadcasting for the home and for mobile terminals, ACCESS is supplying total solutions that foresee the future fusion of broadcasting and communications

For complete information on NetFront DTV Solution download the PDF brochure.

[pdf]NetFront DTV Solution (PDF: 438 KB)

NetFront DTV Solution

NetFront™ Browser DTV Profile DVB-H Edition
Deliver an Innovative and Consistent Mobile DTV Experience Across Multiple Mobile Platforms

NetFront™ MobiTunes
One-Segment Television (Digital Radio) Application

NetFront™ DTV Profile One-seg Edition
BML Browser for ISDB-T One-Segment Broadcasting

NetFront™ DTV Profile One-seg Edition SDK
A Porting and Customization Kit for NetFront Browser DTV Profile One-seg Edition

NetFront™ BML Viewer One-seg Edition
BML Contents Viewer Compliant with ARIB ISDB-T One-Segment Standards