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NetFront Browser DTV Profile DVB-H Edition

Deliver an Innovative and Consistent Mobile DTV Experience Across Multiple Mobile Platforms

NetFront Browser DTV Profile DVB-H Edition combines ACCESS’ NetFront Browser DTV Profile with the FastESG service guide from EXPWAY. The combined solution, which is compliant with the DVB-IPDC standard, enables mobile TV solutions on embedded devices. Operators can optimize the distribution of content over various transportation systems, and end-users can easily access content, wherever it comes from (broadcast, unicast, or local in the handset). NetFront Browser DTV Profile DVB-H Edition also provides advanced interactivity features, e.g. voting or betting capabilities, and distribution of multimedia files, such as ContentCast, a podcasting solution extended to video.

For complete information on the NetFront DVB-H Solution,
download the PDF brochure.

NetFront Browser DTV Profile DVB-H Edition (PDF: 462 KB)

Example of Customized User Interfaces

Live TV with interactive feature

Electronic Service Guide (ESG)

Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

Features | NetFront Browser DTV-Profile DVB-H Edition


  • Powered by ACCESS Netfront Browser 3.4
  • Powered by Expway FastESG Version 3.0
  • Easy integration with major Conditional Access Systems (CAS)
  • Dynamic and flexible UI
  • Direct access to TV APIs
  • Tight integration with Video Player
  • Interactive Electronic Program Guide (EPG), (Bridge to VoD)
  • Full management of Electronic Service Guide (ESG)
    Datacasting and ContentCast services management
  • FLUTE implementation and multi-stream support
  • Optimized for small footprint devices

Standards Compliance

  • DVB ETSI TS 102 471 v1.1.1, v1.2.1 (v2 pending)
  • DVB ETSI TS 102 472 v1.1.1, v1.2.1

Key Benefits | NetFront Browser DTV-Profile DVB-H Edition

  • Compliant with industry standards
  • Seamless integration through a complete package
  • Consistent experience between unicast & broadcast services
  • Browser-based solution
  • End-to-end advanced features compliance with operators

Module Diagram | NetFront Browser DTV-Profile DVB-H Edition