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One-Segment Television (Digital Radio) Application

NetFront MobiTunes is a one-segment television (digital radio) application that can be easily integrated with NetFront Browser DTV Profile One-seg Edition, the de-facto standard one-segment BML browser. NetFront MobiTunes provides basic functions required for one-segment mobile phone vendors to speed device development.

For complete information on NetFront DTV Solution, download the PDF brochure.

[pdf] NetFront Browser SDK (PDF: 438 KB)

Example of a Horizontal Screen
Example of a
Vertical Screen


Features | NetFront MobiTunes

  • Tuning
  • Channel List Management
  • Area Setting Function (Preset, Broadcast Wave Scan)
  • Control of A/V/Caption (Including layout control of horizontal and vertical screens)
  • Recording, Saving images
  • Trick Playback Control
  • I/F with EPG Applications
  • Digital Radio Mode
  • Simultaneous Viewing and Listening
  • Time Shifting Playback Control
  • Media:/media colon

Module Diagram | NetFront MobiTunes