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A Comprehensive Widget Platform Based on NetFront Browser, the World’s Browsing Standard

NetFront™ Widgets enables the creation of an Internet widget ecosystem that includes content providers, device manufacturers and service providers through which service providers can deliver high value Web 2.0 services to their customers.

NetFront Widgets exemplifies ACCESS commitment to delivering the most advanced Internet technologies for mobile devices and devices beyond the PC. This unwavering commitment has made ACCESS’ NetFront Browser the most popular choice for manufacturers and operators. In fact, NetFront products, including the NetFront Browser, have shipped in over one billion devices around the world, including mobile phones, digital TVs, set-top boxes, mobile handhelds, game consoles, automobile navigation systems and more.

For complete information on NetFront Widgets download the PDF brochure.

[pdf]NetFront Widgets (PDF: 663 KB)

[pdf]Unleashing the Mobile Internet (PDF: 1.7 MB)

Advantages | NetFront Widgets

Over One Billion and Counting…

As a testimony to its popularity, NetFront products, including NetFront Browser, have shipped in over one billion devices around the world, including mobile phones, digital TVs, set-top boxes, mobile handhelds, game consoles, automobile navigation systems and many other types of products. Chances are one or more products you use on a daily basis incorporate NetFront technology. This success exemplifies ACCESS’ commitment to bring the Internet to beyond-PC devices. ACCESS continues to advance NetFront products, and as more products in the home become connected, ACCESS and NetFront will be there. NetFront Widgets extends ACCESS’ leadership position for bringing the Internet to mobile devices.


NetFront Widgets provides immediate access to personalized and customized Internet content. End-users can personalize their widgets to suit their own specific preferences, and the range of content spans a wide gamut, from stocks and weather, to social networking and beyond. NetFront Widgets delivers an Internet experience that is exciting, immediate and personalized.

Features | NetFront Widgets


  • W3C content format support: HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript™, AJAX, etc.
  • Supports widget content download through the integrated download descriptor
  • Supports several running instances of the same widget content and provides a mechanism for widget content service differentiation

Client-Server Linkage

  • Content update feature
  • Player update feature
  • Fraudulent content termination feature


  • Developed as a subset of the W3C Widgets 1.0 specification
  • Proprietary signature method, also adaptable to W3C Widget methods
  • Proprietary widget DOM interface

Functionality Extension

  • Default extension for common device functionalities (location, power, wireless information, etc.)
  • Provides a powerful mechanism to extend JavaScript functionality


  • Advanced security implementation to protect against malicious code, targeted identity theft, terminal crashes, security bugs, hack exploitations, etc.
  • Trust levels, protection modes and server access control mechanisms

Key Benefits | NetFront Widgets

Network Operator

  • Allows mobile network operators and service providers to add value to their services, maximize the hit rate of targeted customers, and increase access to their data services while also increasing subscriber volume
  • Provides an opportunity to increase customer satisfaction as well as a new way to let end-users customize their service, enabling different user experiences on the same device

Handset Vendor

  • Creates brand differentiation and improves service value of handset devices
  • Provides a ready solution for handset vendors who do not develop their own widget content, improving time-to-market
  • Helps handset vendors to speed deployments while reducing content sourcing risks

Service/Content Provider

  • Provides an opportunity to expand the volume of value-added solutions or content offered to customers
  • Provides an opportunity to effectively use web programming skills and programmers
  • Simplifies widget content development


  • Helps end-users publish their own content while providing them wider access to a variety of widget content for their own use

Specifications | NetFront Widgets


  • Widget Engine

Module Implementation Support tools

  • Platform porting guides
  • Sample widget content

Widget Content Development Tools

  • NetFront Widgets Packaging Tool
    – Packaging and content check
  • NetFront Widgets Viewer
  • PC-based authoring tool (under development)
  • Widget content development guidelines
    – Notes and tutorials
    – Security guidelines

Device Requirements

  • ROM (Widget Manager & Widget Player Engine): 2MB + Widget UI Application
  • RAM : 1MB and above (content dependent)

NetFront architecture diagram

Development Tools

Widget Content Development Tools

Development tools for effective and easy development of widget content are now available.


  • NetFront Widgets Viewer
    – Memory consumption management feature
    – JavaScript error console
    – Virtual screen feature
  • NetFront Widgets Packaging Tool
  • Content creation tutorial
  • Various documents