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Maintains Existing Interface Protocols between MMS and i-mode

MMS Gateway (MMSGW) is a protocol gateway between i-mail and MM1 and IMG is an i-mode mail gateway. Both applications feature a defined interface to MMS-C providing mobile operators with reduced development time for MMS on i-mode while also significantly accelerating the launch timeline for the i-mode service.

MMS Total Solution on i-mode

One of the important factors for the implementation of MMS over i-mode is to maintain existing interface protocols between the MMS-C and the i-mode gateway. In order to keep clean system environment and well-defined interfaces, a separate protocol gateway (MMSGW) between i-mail and the MM1 is to be adopted. The key advantage by adopting an MMSGW is a maximum of flexibility for customization as well as end-to-end interoperability between existing and newly developed client terminals and the backend system.

Besides of connection between i-mode mail and MMS-C, ACCESS MMSGW can also manage connection to the operator’s mail servers if it is requested.

As one of the pioneers in developing and providing i-mode technologies, ACCESS can deliver high quality products and services related to i-mode systems. Access can therefore define all necessary interface specification and provide technical support and consulting related to development and integration of newly developed gateway servers.

Product Value

ACCESS MMS total solution on i-mode (including MMSGW) will enable operators to introduce MMS on i-mode infrastructure in short lead time, which realize user friendly unified messaging service on i-mode handset and also guarantee inter-operability with existing WAP based MMS handset such as produced by NOKIA and Sony-Ericsson.


  • Interface module between i-mode world and MMS world
  • Format conversion
  • Compatibility checking
  • Charset encoding for specific handset types
  • Message size checking
  • Content Adaptation for legacy i-mode handsets
  • Full support of European i-mode extension
  • Enhanced Push support
  • Enhanced Protocol header support

Connection Features

The service can be accessed from real handsets through GPRS network (operator independent) or from SDK through internet.

  • SDK
  • Real Handset
  • Operator independent

TrialSuite is completely independent from the operator. This means the customer can choose their preferred GPRS operator under the selection of cheapest and most stable one. This helps to reduce to reduce the cost and maximize the performance.