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  • Differentiate Your Android Device
  • Build a More Competitive Android Device
  • Quickly Develop Sophisticated Custom User Interfaces
  • Add Support for Viewing Business Documents
  • Add DLNA Certified Functionality
  • Increase Your Android Device’s Appeal and Value

How to Make Your Android Device Better

NetFront Series for Android helps device manufacturers and mobile operators build highly differentiated Android devices that are more competitive and functional and with increased appeal and value. NetFront Series for Android includes advanced technologies that have been market-proven in millions of deployments throughout the world. Whether you want to build a sophisticated user interface or add support for viewing business documents, or DLNA Certified support, NetFront Series for Android will get you there faster, more efficiently and with less cost.

[pdf]NetFront Series for Android (PDF: 1.1 MB)

NetFront Series for Android: The Technologies

NetFront FlexUI

A comprehensive UI framework solution that works with any graphic engine

NetFront FlexUI makes it possible to quickly develop rich and sophisticated user interfaces on the Android platform. ACCESS offers a comprehensive development environment that includes a special tool that facilitates the management of complex UI screen transitions while reducing development costs and implementation time.

NetFront FlexUI for Android User Interface Examples

NetFront Document Viewer

An advanced software application that enables users to open and view business documents on mobile devices.
NetFront Document Viewer supports the opening and viewing of documents produced with Microsoft® Word, Excel® and PowerPoint®, as well as documents prepared in Adobe® PDF format.

NetFront Document Viewer for Android Document Examples

NetFront Browser

The most advanced, versatile and powerful, full Internet browser for beyond-PC devices

NetFront Browser is specifically designed and optimized to deliver high performance in resource-constrained environments. NetFront Browser includes many advanced features and functions and can be customized based on operator requirements.
Learn more about NetFront Browser »

NetFront Widgets

A comprehensive widget platform that complies with international widget standard specifications

NetFront Widgets can execute widgets produced with Internet standard technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. NetFront Widgets supports web-based content including news, maps, auctions and more. Android users can interact with and use both Android widgets and NetFront Widgets on the home screen at the same time.
Learn more about NetFront Widgets »

NetFront Living Connect

A comprehensive DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) Certified software solution

NetFront Living Connect enables the implementation and management of multimedia networks that are highly compatible and interoperable, and which allow users to seamlessly access their desired digital content from any DLNA Certified device in their network including digital TVs, mobile phones, digital cameras, digital photo frames, HDD recorders and more.
Learn more about NetFront Living Connect »

NetFront Book Viewer EPUB Edition

A new e-book reader that supports the EPUB open e-book standard

NetFront Book Viewer EPUB Edition is a mobile e-book reader that supports EPUB, the free and open e-book standard developed by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). NetFront Book Viewer EPUB Edition enables operators, mobile device manufacturers and content providers to utilize the vast library of existing e-book content compliant with EPUB, making it easier for them to enter the rapidly expanding e-book market.

NetFront Series for Android: Professional Services

Professional Services that Meet Your Exact Requirements

ACCESS provides comprehensive, global professional services for NetFront Series for Android. Whether you’re looking to build a cutting-edge new user interface or you simply want to add more functionality and value to your Android device, you can count on ACCESS’ experienced professional services team to help you meet your goals while reducing time-to-market and cost.