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Comprehensive, Easy-to-Use, Low-Cost, High-Quality VoIP Solution for Mobile Devices

The dramatic growth of both wireless broadband services and smartphones has also created growing interest in VoIP or IP phone services. IP phone services provide calling options to end-users and enable service providers to launch new services, while also attracting new customers. With 3.9G service rollouts already under way in many markets throughout the world, IP phone services with high sound quality and stability will see rapidly increasing end-user demand.

NetFront IP-Phone is a comprehensive VoIP software solution that enables IP phone operators and service providers to launch IP phone services on mobile phones quickly, efficiently and at reduced cost. NetFront IP-Phone also resolves some of the problems inherent with wireless networks, including connectivity issues with sudden network connection changes or connection instability issues during phone calls or during use of wireless LAN services.

Advantages | NetFront IP-Phone

High Quality IP Phone Capability on Mobile

    • Advanced SIP Technology Ensures Stable Connections

      It can be difficult at times for mobile phone and wireless LAN services to maintain stable data connections since stable connections depend on the host network’s status, which in turn can be affected by location or the number of users accessing the network at any given time. NetFront IP-Phone features advanced SIP technology to ensure stable wireless data connections, which means fewer dropped calls and better service.
  • Remarkable VoIP Technology Provides High Sound Quality

    Changes in network status can negatively affect the sound quality of IP phone calls. The eSound Engine in NetFront IP-Phone, provided by Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd., is a tried and tested VoIP technology that overcomes network status sound quality issues to deliver IP phone calls of consistently high sound quality.

Deploy IP Phone Services Quickly and With Lower Costs

    • [Low Cost] No Need to Deploy a New IP Phone Server

      In most cases, IP phone operators or service providers need to purchase IP phone client software and its original server as a set. This is required because the connection method between the client and server is unique and closed. NetFront IP-Phone uses open standard interfaces like 3GPP (Third Generation Partnership Project), OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) or IETF (Internet Engineering Task force) to connect to IP phone servers. This approach enables a seamless client/server connection and allows operators or service providers to launch IP phone services with their existing servers.

Interconnection Between NetFront IP-Phone (Client) and IP Phone Server
    • [Low Cost] Standard UI (User Interface)

      In addition to middleware, NetFront IP-Phone provides a standard user interface, which allows service providers to immediately test and trial their IP phone services.
  • [Low Cost & Faster Deployment] The Common Design Concept

    NetFront IP-Phone allows service providers to use the same design concept and architecture, even on different operating systems, to significantly lower development costs.

Significant Expandability Allowing Unique IP Phone Services

    • Easy Server Setting and Flexible Customization

      Every setting such as server address or contact method can be changed within the configuration, which enables NetFront IP-Phone to support a variety of IP-phone service management approaches.

      Depending on the policy or strategy of the service operator, a unique specification in the interface between the client and the server may be required. In these circumstances, and upon customer request, ACCESS can provide customization for the connection method with the server.
  • Basic Functions for IP Phone Service Provided as Modules (Enablers)

    NetFront IP-Phone has Enablers that provide standard VoIP functions and basic IP phone functions as a middleware component. Therefore, operators and service providers can easily build their own IP phone services by combining these function modules.
    • The IMS framework is supported by ACCESS’ NetFront IMS Client Package, a proven solution with many commercial deployments
    • NetFront IP-Phone provides IP phone service using VoIP, which is based on 3GPP TS 24.229
      3GPP TS 24.229: IP multimedia call control protocol based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Session Description Protocol (SDP)
  • Easy Customization of the Original UI

    Because the IP phone Enabler function is available as part of the API, IP phone applications including the UI can be easily customized.

NetFront IP-Phone System Architecture and Customization

Supports Three Major SmartPhone Operating Systems

  • Supports three major smartphone operating systems; iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile®

    NetFront IP-Phone supports all three major smart phone operating systems, iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile, which enables service providers to support many, richly varied IP phone devices in a short time period.

Features | NetFront IP-Phone

Phone Function

  • Realizes realistic, high quality IP voice phone calls through packet communication enabled by advanced VoIP/SIP technology
  • Supports both phone calls from normal mobile phone service and IP phone service
  • Allows users to receive normal mobile phone calls even when engaged in a call via IP phone
  • Dialer display is easy to use and can select and call normal mobile phones or IP phones
  • [For operators] Can specify IP phone conversation partner with original ID (SIP-URI)

Address Book Function

  • Search and select person to call, select normal or IP phone, and call from the address book directly
  • Since the data for the mobile phone and NetFront IP-Phone address book are the same, users only need to manage one database
  • Can register not only phone numbers but also SIP-URI in the address book

Call/Receive History Function

  • IP phone call/receive history is automatically saved
  • Supports display of icons, including outgoing, incoming unanswered, the name of person calling and phone number, date/time of incoming and outgoing calls, talk time and connection failure
  • Able to initiate a call by selecting individual to call from the call/receive history

(The functions listed above include functions not currently supported on some phones. Support for these phones will be rolled out over time.)

Solution Models | NetFront IP-Phone

Solution for IP Phone Operators

NetFront IP-Phone provides an excellent opportunity for IP phone operators to expand their service area. IP phone operators can deliver IP phone service to the home and enterprise while also providing greater usability. With NetFront IP-Phone, IP phone operators can also easily expand their service area to the mobile phone market. Since mobile phones have usability and mobility advantages users can use their IP phone service from any location.

Solution Concept for IP Phone Operators

Solution for MVNOs

MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) lease spectrum and access to wireless network infrastructure from other companies to provide their services. With NetFront IP-Phone, MVNOs can expand their unique service offerings.

NetFront IP-Phone enables MVNOs to provide phone service to mobile phone users. For example, an MVNO who provides only data services, can now add voice services as well, and MVNOs who lease access from more than one mobile operator can now provide a common phone service to their customers.

Solution Concept for MVNOs

Module Diagram | NetFront IP-Phone

Module Diagram of NetFront IP-Phone