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High-Quality, Video Calling Software for Android OS Devices

The rapid expansion of LTE (Long Term Evolution) broadband data transmission networks along with the rapid growth of Android OS devices is expected to generate strong demand for video calling services for Android OS smartphones and tablets. NetFront VideoTalk software is a high-quality, video calling software solution, specifically designed for Android OS devices, that enables seamless video calls on networks like LTE and WiFi. NetFront VideoTalk is based on open standards and does not require the purchase of dedicated servers or software, allowing mobile operators to quickly deploy high-quality, low-cost video calling services. NetFront VideoTalk is an ideal solution for mobile operators and device manufacturers seeking to differentiate their telecommunications services and Android device offerings to win new customers.


NetFront VideoTalk: Enabling High-Quality Video Calling on Android OS Devices

Advantages | Advantages of NetFront VideoTalk

High-resolution video calling

  • Video processing technology supports high-quality video transmission in real time
    End-to-end, interactive transmission of video images in real time is the basic prerequisite of video calling. NetFront VideoTalk uses proprietary media control technology inherited from the high-quality NetFront Media Player to deliver seamless and stable video transmission over IP networks.

  • SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) technology resolves network reliability issues specific to wireless data transmission
    With mobile phones and wireless LAN services, the network status is constantly changing. Networks may become unreliable depending on the location and number of users, causing sessions to be interrupted and preventing data from reaching its destination. The advanced SIP technology incorporated into NetFront VideoTalk effectively resolves wireless data transmission issues to ensure constant and uninterrupted transmission between wireless networks.

Adaptable to different transmission formats and devices

  • Adapts to different transmission formats to ensure compatibility with a wide range of communication services
    NetFront VideoTalk is compatible with a range of different device combinations, including calls where one or both devices do not support video calling and calls to voice-only IP phones. NetFront VideoTalk works with any combination of video and voice-only devices and is able to select the best transmission format for the current environment.

Video calling services can be deployed quickly and with lower costs

  • No need to deploy dedicated servers or software*
    The introduction of a video calling service often requires purchasing dedicated software and servers designed to the client-server connection specifications developed specifically for the service. By comparison, NetFront VideoTalk client software is based on open standard interfaces like 3GPP (Third Generation Partnership Project), OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) and IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) and is designed for use with existing servers.

  • UI (User Interface) and basic functionality provided as standard**
    Standard video calling features and an easy-to-use UI are pre-installed in application form, ready for service trials and validation. NetFront VideoTalk also supports a variety of optional features and UI functions that can be disabled when not required. This significantly speeds up adjustment procedures such as the fine-tuning of network and server connections.

Significant expandability to support proprietary video calling service on a wide range of devices

  • Startup functionality for video calling service provided as modules
    NetFront VideoTalk has modules (Enablers) that provide standard video calling features as a middleware component. This allows operators to build their own video calling services by combining the required feature modules.
*  The base IMS framework is based on NetFront IMS Client Package, a proven solution with
 many commercial deployments.
** Easy customization of original UI
  Video calling features are available as part of the API, making it easy to customize the original
  features including the IU itself and to implement applications as required.

Module Diagram | NetFront VideoTalk Module Diagram


  • Media formats
    • Video: MPEG-4, H.264
      • Supported resolutions: VGA, QVGA, QCUF
      • Maximum frame rate: 15 fps
    • Audio: AMR-NB, G.711
    • Protocols: SIP, SDP, RTP

Specification | NetFront VideoTalk Functional Specifications

Video calling features

  • Video over IP/SIP technology for realistic high-resolution video
  • Video can be disabled to allow one-way video calls
  • Supports non-video VoIP voice calls to conventional IP phones
  • Can be configured to operate in parallel with conventional mobile phone service
  • Can be configured to give precedence to conventional mobile phone calls (i.e., interrupts video sessions for incoming phone calls)
  • Carriers can specify unique ID (SIP-URI) for video calling in addition to telephone number

Address book

  • NetFront VideoTalk address book can be synched to a mobile device address book for integrated address management to eliminate duplication
  • NetFront VideoTalk address book can be used to store SIP-URI data as well as phone numbers

Call history

  • Incoming and outgoing video calls are logged automatically in the call history
  • Supports display of icons for incoming, outgoing and unanswered video calls; shows name and/or phone number of remote party along with time and length of call and connection failure information
  • New unanswered calls are displayed prominently in conjunction with the startup icon and the history tab
  • Use video call history to search contacts and initiate calls
* Not available on all devices initially (support will be rolled out in the future)  

Solution Models | NetFront VideoTalk Solution Models

Combinations of network-compatible devices such as cameras and video monitors can be used to provide relay and broadcast services based on real-time video.

Video calling service solutions

The growing popularity of the smartphone has seen these devices increasingly used as a replacement for conventional fixed-line telephones in homes and offices. Smartphones offer a variety of convenient services that are not available on fixed-line telephones, such as video calling. NetFront VideoTalk on a smartphone supports a wider range of communication services for the home and office than ever before.

Safety and security monitoring service solutions

Video monitoring services are increasingly looked to for security and/or disaster prevention by local governments, schools, residential apartment buildings and businesses. The system infrastructure for video monitoring using IP cameras and IP networks is both inexpensive and easy to set up, and the market for IP video monitoring solutions is growing rapidly. NetFront VideoTalk allows video monitoring systems to send video feeds from multiple cameras to remote video monitors and smartphones for continuous monitoring from any location. In this way, NetFront VideoTalk can be used to develop improved safety and security monitoring services.

Live relay service solutions

The burgeoning growth of broadband networks and the emergence of ever more convenient video recording devices has prompted an increasing number of individuals, artists and government bodies (both national and local) to take up Internet broadcasting independently of conventional public television broadcasting services. Video broadcasting is relatively inexpensive, and many users are attracted to the immediacy and direct impact of live video as a means of getting their message across.
Installed on a smartphone, NetFront VideoTalk enables live video broadcasting from any location on the network. A typical application would be live relay services among small groups or communities, such as family members separated by long distances or employees away from the office on business.